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Gift Box suppliers Product profile
Personalized Wine Box supports personalized customization, with a variety of process options, including: platinum relief, concave and convex, screen printing snowflakes, etc., very suitable for middle and high-end spirits, helping your products to become the most eye-catching star on the banquet. Personalized Wine Box has a good texture, no color difference, and it does not come off easily. It has a hard texture and is widely used. It uses a computer program throughout, shears accurately, and prints with excellent results.
Characteristic process selection recommendation:
Platinum relief.
Platinum relief refers to the holographic relief with platinum color and metal texture. The product printed with platinum relief technology has the luster of metal, the color of platinum, and the sense of concavity and convexity of vision, like the painting feeling of three-dimensional relief, but the touch is flat and hierarchical.
Concave and convex.
All kinds of embossed pictures and texts can show different patterns and have an obvious sense of relief, which can greatly enhance the three-dimensional sense and artistic appeal of the wine box.
Our customized service:personalized wine box
It allows you to experience lower prices, as well as advanced technologies such as platinum relief and intelligent cold ironing.Gift Box suppliers


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