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Wholesale Dumbbell Dumbbell
Hex rubber dumbbell
Item Hex rubber dumbbell
Specific 2.5/5/7.5/10/12.5/15/17.5/20/22.5/25 kg
5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/55 LB
Material Cast iron with rubber
Color Black
鈼?High quality
Hexagonal dumbbells are cast iron inside and rubber coated outside.
鈼?Complete specifications
Complete specifications, suitable for all kinds of strength training.the kg standard as follow :2.5kg銆?kg銆?kg銆?kg銆?kg銆?.5kg銆?kg銆?kg銆?0kg銆?2.5kg銆?5kg銆?7.5kg銆?0kg銆?2.5kg銆?5kg銆?7.5kg銆?0kg銆?2.5kg銆?5kg銆?7.5kg銆?0kg銆?2.5kg銆?5kg銆?7.5kg銆?0kg
鈼?Anti-Roll Design Avoid hazards while working out with these hexagonal shaped dumbbell heads that prevent the weights from rolling when you set them down to perform other exercises.
鈼?The rubber prevents any imminent damage to the floor in case you drop them accidently even from a certain height.
鈼?Rubber is made of raw rubber .not the recycled rubber, there is no smell is use.
鈼?Comfort design
The handle is arc-shaped, the surface is electroplated and embossed. the medium depth knurling on the contoured chrome handle which can prevent slipping and sweat.
How to use it
The use of hexagonal dumbbells is inseparable from the cooperation of the dumbbell bench.
With the help of a dumbbell bench, let's talk about the use of hexagonal dumbbells for beginners
Dumbbell prone leg curls
Exercise area: biceps femoris

1. Lie down on a bench, clamp dumbbells with your feet, hang your calves in the air, hold the bench with your hands, and straighten your legs.

2. Then exert force on the biceps femoris, bend the calf to the highest point, make the biceps femoris in the peak contraction position, and stop for a while. With the tension of the biceps femoris, the force controls the weight to slowly restore.

Exercise area: back deltoid muscle

1. On the prone bench, the limbs droop, hold a dumbbell with one hand, and hold the leg of the bench with the other hand, let the upper arm holding the bell close to your side, bend the elbow, and let the forearm droop naturally.

2. Keep the upper body and upper arm still, contract the triceps, stretch the forearm upward and backward, until the arm is completely straightened, and at the same time completely contract the triceps. Stay still for one second, then bend your elbows, and let your forearms droop to the starting position.

3. Breathing method Inhale when you stretch your forearms, and exhale when you droop.Wholesale Dumbbell


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