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Handle Paper Bag Pricelist

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Handle Paper Bag Pricelist
Brief Introduction
Now the use of paper bags has been extended to all areas of society, whether in daily life, or in commercial marketing activities, the use of paper bags is becoming more and more common, and the frequency of use is getting higher and higher. Coupled with the integration of advertising media, the function of paper bags has undergone qualitative changes. A paper bag is a mobile comprehensive carrier, which carries not only goods but also articles, and extends to wherever publicity goes. Therefore, paper bags, including this Custom Paper Bags with Handles, have become the most common tool in our lives.
Custom Paper Bags with Handles uses high-density corrugated paper core with strong hardness, and the corrugated paper has elasticity, which can play a certain buffering role when hitting, and protect the items inside very well. It has a smooth surface and flat edges without burrs. Also we provide you competitive price, fast delivery and professional after-sales service.
About us
Shenzhen Huada Color Printing Co., Ltd.-there are many kinds of handbags. In practical application, we should reasonably select the processing materials suitable for our products. The commonly used handbag paper materials are: White cardboard paper, coated paper, Kraft paper, white Kraft paper and a small number of double-adhesive paper! Shenzhen Huada Color Printing Co., Ltd. focuses on dedicated industry services to provide you with reasonable design and good printing services! The production of large goods within 10,000 handbags can be completed in about 7-9 days.
[Why choose us]
1. Advantage one.
Handbag printing to handbag production one-stop advantage! The company has: two Mitsubishi off the five-color machine, a Komori four-color machine and perfect auxiliary equipment, such as: peritoneal machine, bronzing machine, die-cutting machine, screen machine, etc., so as to effectively solve the buyer, the contractor in the manufacturer's triple profit space, for you to create the maximum profit space!
2. Advantage 2.
Handbag printing network order receiving mode, this model effectively controls the high costs generated by the company's foreign offices, thus significantly saving you the cost of handbag production!
3. Advantage 3.
Handbag production manual part, greatly reduce the manual production cost, effectively save the handbag processing cost for you!
4. Advantage 4.
Handbag design, the company has engaged in professional handbag designers for many years, independent design, production, typesetting, so as to save you the related costs of handbag design and production.
5. Advantage 5.
The printing loss of handbags, our company has excellent printing technicians, which greatly reduces the cost of material loss, so the printing price of our handbags is much lower than that of our counterparts in the market.
What we produce
Our company mainly produces various types of wine packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, health care products packaging boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes, high-end picture albums, matching packaging of electronic products, color cards, clothing tags and various types of paper products. Sincerely look forward to direct users and trading companies to visit and consult the company!Handle Paper Bag Pricelist


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