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Oxide Made in China Description
Dark brown dense powder, insoluble in water, soluble in acids, forming corresponding salts, good electrical conductivity.
Application Area
Praseodymium oxide is a kind of inorganic compound, which can be used in glass, metallurgy and phosphor powder additive. Praseodymium oxide is one of the important products in light rare earth products. Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, it has been applied in the fields of ceramics, glass, rare earth permanent magnet, rare earth cracking catalyst, rare earth polishing powder, grinding material and additive, etc., and it is becoming more and more widely and has a promising prospect.Used in glass and metallurgical industry and as phosphor additive, it is the raw material for making praseodymium yellow. Used in the glass industry as a colorant, with green, can be imitation of gemstones. Used as raw materials for the production of metal praseodymium, samarium, praseodymium and cobalt permanent magnetic alloys, and yellow pigment for ceramic ware. Used as ceramic pigment, glass colorant, refractory ceramics, etc. Praseodymium oxide can be used in luminescent materials, crystal materials, optical fiber doping, electronic ceramics, etc.
Product Introduction
Product NamePurity
Praseodymium Oxide99%
99.9%Oxide Made in China


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